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The Land of Opportunity

Fayetteville, Arkansas

My trip to Fayetteville was filled with beautiful discoveries. I came to support my cousin in baseball and left with the knowledge of how to create a better future for myself.

Fayettville, Arkansas

My Experience

As soon as we arrived, I knew I was going to have a great time. I hopped out of my dad's pickup truck and followed the smell of barbeque to find myself in a long line of long lost relatives, or rather aunts, uncles, and cousins I haven't seen since I was seven years old. Although the distance and time spent apart was a lot, this didn't stop anyone from greeting each other with warm smiles and open arms. I felt right at home.

After scarfing down the most delicious hot dogs and dessert, our family drove to the baseball field at the University of Missouri to support my cousin competing for the win. After the game, we all went to dinner and dove right into some more barbeque.

While eating with my cousins around the table, I listened to their childhood stories and the accomplishments they strived to reach where they are today. Without knowing it, they gave me advice that will follow me around for the rest of my life. Through the personal experiences they shared, I learned that finding areas of improvement, focusing on communication skills, looking inwards by considering how I can affect other people, and pursuing goals with determination will bring numerous opportunities to my life.

As a young travel blogger, my goal is to become a stronger writer by sharing captivating and inspirational posts. I want to be someone who spreads the Word of God by traveling the world. Now, everything I do is to create a better future for myself and, along the way, teach others how to do the same.

Your travel partner,

Errant Audrey

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