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Thank You InterWorks

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Tulsa, Oklahoma

For a week, I had the opportunity to experience my future. As I climbed the echoing stairs leading to tomorrow, my stomach tightened and a smile would not leave my face. Every step I took brought me closer to my new adventure. As I reached the door, an electrifying wave of reality surged through me. This marked the beginning of my shadowing opportunity with InterWorks.

Garrett, Andrea, and Ricki were excellent mentors. They had a unique way of working together and led with optimistic attitudes and playful personalities. The trio created a fun, family atmosphere where I felt welcomed every day. They gave me the opportunity to learn about the many jobs contributed to producing the best version of one of the most successful businesses in Oklahoma. Not only did I learn about communication, blogging, and photography, I took away valuable information that will stay with me when entering my professional years.

Garrett, the Communications Manager, taught me the six different forms of communicating. I was able to practice writing a communication plan to assist me when narrowing down my audience. I learned many helpful tips from him that will allow me to improve my writing.

Andrea, the Content Coordinator, works with InterWorks' social media and blog. Part of her responsibility is checking for any notifications the company has received. She provided me with examples of great responses, comments, and re-posts on their social media sites. While working with her, I was asked to write a description for a former blog post. She reassured me of the quality of my writing and gave great advice on how to hold myself to high expectations.

Learning about photography with Ricki was very helpful! I discovered ways to capture the right amount of light and how to correct the settings before taking a picture. I will use this useful knowledge to shoot with better quality. This will help considerably with capturing a unique look in my blog posts and social media.

I now know why this business is one of the fastest growing companies in Oklahoma. The staff at InterWorks makes it a point to connect with customers and create life-long impacts. They know how to be creative and pursue their jobs with a purpose. I feel privileged to have been a part of such a wonderful place, even if it was only for a week.

InterWorks has opened my eyes up to new possibilities. My time here has supported my dreams of becoming a travel blogger. With the new information about communication, blogging, and photography, I will be able to approach my work with excitement and a positive mindset.🧡

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