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Center of the Universe

New York City, New York

The most memorable trips will involve the people you love. Although traveling alone can be peaceful and exciting, exploring unique places and sharing your discoveries with the ones you care about will be the memories you hold on to. Enjoying where you go with who you love is magnificent and impossible to replace.

New York City, New York

My Experience

I recently returned from my first trip to New York. I was able to attend the U.S. Open from morning to night. If I wasn't immersing myself in tennis, I was passing time with my family. We discovered new sites around the city and ate at unique restaurants. I savored every second in this enchanting place.

The most enjoyable times came at the U.S. Open. I was amazed at the speed and agility the players had when competing. Through their skills and perseverance during the match, the competitors showed the hard work they put in behind the scenes. No matter how far behind or ahead they were, quitting was never an option.

Success comes with determination and a positive mindset. Enduring the struggles to live the life you dream of will lead you to achieve the possibilities that used to seem impossible. 💜

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