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The Island of Enchantment

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Puerto Rico

There is a place where you can unwind and take in the beauty of the earth, where an ocean breeze brushes against you, and the smell of salt and sand creates a beautiful aroma. Where waves splash so softly, it is almost hypnotizing as the wet sand covers your feet as if to protect them from the water that persistently tries to find them. The bright summer sun reflects off of the perfectly blue water in front of you, creating shimmers of light that dance around on the ocean. This place is perfect... almost enchanted.

There is an unexplainable feeling that envelopes you when visiting the Island of Enchantment. The citizens treat visitors with respect and invite people into their homes with open arms. The scenery is breathtaking, out of this world, magnificent. There is so much to do, explore, and discover. This is the island of Puerto Rico.

Credit: Wei Zeng ~ Puerto Rico's Mar Chiquita Beach

My Experience

Visiting Puerto Rico for the third time, I learned that this island will never lose its charm. If anything, it becomes more magnificent upon each arrival. The moment I entered my hotel room, I felt the enchanting ocean breeze fill the entire space, I inhaled the wonderful scent of the salty beaches below, and I set my mind on relax mode so I could enjoy every moment on this beautiful island.

Credit: Alex George ~ Puerto Rico

So far, Puerto Rico is the most relaxing and adventurous places I have traveled to. The unique expeditions free your mind, body, and soul from the world's harsh reality and remind you of the good it still has to offer. Spending today worrying about the things in life you can not control is so tiresome. Free yourself and put your trust in the One you know is consistent. God has created such a wondrous place, and we have the privilege to live on it. He also gave us time. And this gift is a treasure, so spend it wisely.

Your travel partner,

Errant Audrey

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