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Bean Town

Boston, Massachusetts

Take this moment to stop and think. Picture the place you long to explore. Imagine the flavors you want exploding in your mouth. Pretend the aromas you thought were impossible to reach are surrounding you. Now, believe that this dream is possible. To experience all of this seems like it should stay a dream, but if you search for the possibilities waiting to be discovered, dreams could become your reality. If you work hard for your goals, you could end up traveling anywhere your heart desires. It's okay to step out of your comfort zone to try new ideas, meet amazing people, and experience the world.

Boston, Massachusetts Aquarium

My Experience

Garage sales, raising donations, and an art event were the ways I earning my way to Boston, Massachusetts. Although these don't seem like difficult projects, it was the long hours put behind each event that created the challenge. After the hard work and determination, I was able to experience the unique city called Boston.

My trip was spectacular. I had the opportunity to experience a whole new way of living while surrounded by the people I love. At first, it was a bit nerve-wracking being in a busy, new environment, but I learned to enjoy the experience while it lasted. It was astonishing to appreciate the fact that there are billions of different people across the world who are living their own lives, filled with their own adventures, and making their own memories. completely different.

Through this trip, I took away a new view of life. Remember to be determined, stay driven, and have self-control. Through hard work will come a reward. Use your time wisely to live your best life. ❤️

"Living is the rarest thing in the world. most people exist, that is all. "

~ Oscar Wilde

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